A Spell to Heal a Broken heart

A Spell to Heal a Broken heart

If you’ve got all over a relationship however can’t appear to leaving behind and move on, then this spell is for you. it’ll help lighten your heart, offer you revived hope, and most of all can heal you from heartbreak!

A Spell to Heal a Broken heart
 A Spell to Heal a Broken heart

For this spell, you need:


An egg

A pink candle

Rose petals

Lemon balm tea


Rose oil

A Spell for a Broken Heart

Sit down in a very place wherever you may be undisturbed, and take the egg in your hand. permit yourself to believe the link that you simply have all over, and feel all of your negative feelings – grief, loneliness and frustration – return to the surface. permit yourself to feel these feelings while not fighting against them. Cry if you would like to. Don’t be shamefaced or scared of holding out all of your feelings.


While doing this, take the egg and roll it gently over your face. Imagine the egg absorbing all of your grief and negative feelings. Project your unhappiness into the egg as if it were a sponge, absorbing all negative emotions. once you feel that the egg has sucked up all of your unhealthy emotions, bury it outside (preferably as distant as potential from your own house). currently all Depression you projected into the egg is being absorbed and neutral by the world.


When you come back to your house, build yourself some lemon balm tea and place the rose petals within. Sweeten it with the honey. Place the pink candle ahead of you, and sprinkle the remainder of the rose petals around it. currently lightweight the candle, and as you are doing, visualise the scent of the rose petals and therefore the heat of the candle connection along to fill your area with a fine looking, heat soft pink lightweight and therefore the sweet scent of the rose petals. Let this fill you with a tender, heat feeling of comfort.

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